Shy Glizzy

Sky Bri, the developer of OnlyFans, accused Shy Glizzy of inappropriate behaviour, to which Ant Glizzy responded.

Affiliate of Shy Glizzy The claims stated by OnlyFans creator Sky Bri during her No Jumper interview are not being refuted by Ant Glizzy.

Bri accused Shy Glizzy of sexual misconduct on her most recent appearance on No Jumper. She claimed that she had never before encountered adversity, but the “White Girl” video shoot changed her perspective. She claimed that after repeatedly telling him no, he made her take an unfamiliar medicine. She then claimed that he had attempted to coerce her into performing fellatio on him.

 Shy Glizzy

Shy Glizzy has not yet publicly reacted to these allegations. It appears that another Glizzy Gang member has, though.

When Bri described the “White Girl” video shoot, Ant Glizzy said he agreed with her. He acknowledged that Shy Glizzy is well-known for adding alcohol to women’s drinks in the hopes that they will have sex with these women. He went so far as to reveal how the rapper from the song “Awesome” showed him how to molly snort drinks.

Ant stated on Instagram Live, “I’ve heard y’all Shy poisoned those bottles. “The eff? He drugged those bottles, I know that. I added some spikes to a few bottles for GQ.

Ant then exposed Shy Glizzy for putting molly in Patron bottles before offering them to other women.

Any lady who has ever been around Shy Glizzy should just imagine what it was like to be extremely inebriated and poo around her. A #MeToo movement is underway. I swear to God, he has been doing this thing for ten years.

“I’ve been telling you all these tales. He said, “I warned y’all he spikes them. He has been performing this thing on GQ for 15 years. Like, you were extra drunk if you ever shared a drink with the Glizzy Gang at a bar or a table with a girl. You only need to ask him.

Ant Glizzy stated that his belief in Sky Bri’s accusations is based exclusively on his interactions with Shy Glizzy.

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