Mustache Mello (Roemello)

Mustache Mello (Roemello): The Multi-Talented Music Maven from DC

Mustache Mello (Roemello), a multi-talented artist from Washington, D.C. From DJing and music production to security and mixology, his versatility and distinct sound have made him a unique figure in the music industry. Discover his commitment to mentorship and community.
Toppers Job


According to a video game industry expert connected to Rockstar Games, Eminem almost starred in a Grand Theft Auto movie. During an appearance on UK rapper Bugzy Malone's...
Kio DJ

Kio DJ Becomes the First Colombian to Receive Dubai’s Golden Visa

Kio DJ, the Colombian artist, makes history by becoming the first to receive Dubai's prestigious Golden Visa.

Minnesota Rapper 2wo Timez Headlines Kirko Bangz And Tay B Show In Dilworth Minnesota

Minnesota rapper 2wo Timez is making waves in the Twin Cities music scene and is set to headline an upcoming show featuring rap icon Kirko Bangz and...
Gianluigi Torzi

Gianluigi Torzi’s Approach to DeFi Asset Management

Explore Gianluigi Torzi's vision for DeFi asset management, emphasizing decentralization, blockchain integration, and investor empowerment.
Confident Michael J Foxx

“Michael J Foxx’s New Single ‘Confident’ Showcases His Versatility and Achievements in the Canadian...

Canadian Hip-Hop artist Michael J Foxx has just released a new single that's taking the music scene by storm. Titled "Confident," this track showcases Foxx's versatility as...
Samuel López-Lago

Samuel López-Lago presents his latest experimental album “Ánima Matérica”

The talented Spanish multidisciplinary creative Samuel López-Lago has released his highly-anticipated album "Ánima Matérica”. The album can be accessed for streaming on a multitude of popular digital...
J Bert

J Bert – Founding African Music Group to Empower Gifted Musicians

J Bert's deep-rooted passion for music blossomed from a young age, influenced by a family member who was a prominent musician during that era. Growing up amidst...
Back Outside

GQueTv Announces yet another Album, Drops New Single: ‘Back Outside’

Read about the latest news from GQueTv as he announces a new album and releases a captivating single called 'Back Outside.' Discover the artist's dedication to his craft and the impact of his music on the industry.
Troy Stokes

Troy Stokes: Unveiling a Music Journey Spanning Two Decades

Dive into the remarkable musical journey of Troy Stokes, known as 100it. Explore his inspirations, creative process, aspirations, and the transformative impact of the digital age on the music business.

Sohail Hussain: A Social Media Master in Organic Social Media Marketing

Elevate your online presence with Sohail Hussain. Expert in social media marketing, branding, and influencer collaborations.

JAYJ’s Musical Evolution: Crafting Empowerment Through ‘dirt roads’

JAYJ's empowering release, "dirt roads." Experience the evolution of resilience, vulnerability, and empowerment through soul-stirring melodies.

Kinjunia: The Next Big Thing? Ghanaian Artist Forges New Genre with Debut Single “Honey”

Kinjunia blends music from Ghana & Jamaica to create a new genre, Afrohall. His debut single "Honey" is taking the world by storm.

Ee Ha Movement: A Musical Odyssey of Self-Discovery and Artistic Evolution

Ee Ha, a global band fusing genres for self-discovery & artistic evolution. Explore their journey, influences, Bentley Records impact, and future aspirations.

PU Punches Back with “Kung-Fu”

PU drops his electrifying album "Kung-Fu" on March 8th! Dive into introspective lyrics, potent beats, and raw energy - pre-order now and join the movement redefining hip-hop.

Boobieblood: Unleashing Raw Energy in Minneapolis’ Hip-Hop Scene

Boobieblood, the Minneapolis hip-hop sensation, shares his raw journey, Bentley Records success, and unfiltered rap narratives.

Blood Brothers: Crafting a Unique Blend of Street Rap from the Heart of Italy

Blood Brothers, the Italian duo redefining street rap. Dive into their journey, influences, and aspirations in this exclusive interview.

If There’s One Song You Listen To This Week, Make It This One!

Sky Saw's latest release, 'What It Feels Like to Love.' A captivating indie folk ballad that explores the complexities of love, blending raw emotion with melodic finesse. Dive into the rich cultural tapestry, soulful vocals, and profound storytelling that make this track a must-listen

London Artist Fasfos Unveils Highly Anticipated Single “Ride or Die” Featuring Yung Kobra

In the vibrant and diverse realm of the UK music scene, emerging artist Fasfos is making waves with his latest release, the eagerly awaited...

Future Star BAILROSE releases “Break My Heart”

Explore the debut release "Break My Heart" by rising sensation Bail Rose, originating from Crocker, Missouri.