Meet Visionz2Turnt, an artist whose distinctive blend of rap styles transcends conventional boundaries. In this exclusive interview, we explore his musical journey, sources of inspiration, and the transformative impact of working with Bentley Records.

Discovering Visionz2Turnt: An Introduction to the Artist and His Music

Visionz2Turnt, a storyteller through rap, intertwines raw narratives with relatable struggles, all while maintaining a commitment to a clean lyrical approach. In this era of hip-hop, Visionz2Turnt stands out by capturing the essence of daily life without resorting to explicit content.

Pivotal Moments: From WorldStarHipHop Recognition to Overcoming Obstacles

The turning point for Visionz2Turnt came in 2019 with the release of “IDK” on WorldStarHipHop. This catapulted him into the spotlight, showcasing his talent to a broader audience. Overcoming physical and mental challenges during his time in the U.S Army, Visionz2Turnt turned adversity into resilience, forging a path to where he stands today.

Songwriting Alchemy: From Ideas to Fully Produced Tracks

Visionz2Turnt’s songwriting process is dynamic, often unfolding in the studio or during workouts at the gym. Drawing inspiration from everyday experiences and the desire to pave the way for his children’s dreams, his creativity is a fusion of genuine emotions and real-life scenarios.

Musical Influences Shaping Visionz2Turnt’s Sound

Lil Baby, Eminem, DMX, Aaliyah, Nas, and Lil Wayne are among the influential figures who have left an indelible mark on Visionz2Turnt’s musical journey. These icons not only resonate with the audience but also showcase the evolution of their lifestyles through their music.

Challenges in the Music Industry: Sounding Unique Amidst Financial Struggles

Visionz2Turnt sheds light on two significant challenges faced by artists today: the pressure to conform to popular sounds and financial struggles. He emphasizes the importance of staying true to oneself and the reality that many successful artists began their journey with traditional jobs.

Bentley Records: Accelerating Visionz2Turnt’s Music Career

Working with Bentley Records and utilizing the platform has brought about a transformative impact on Visionz2Turnt’s career. From increased visibility through playlists to genuine streams and collaborations with prominent artists, the platform has proven instrumental in building his fanbase and easing the challenges of independent artists.

Memorable Moments: Warner Music Meeting and Cinematic Ventures

A pivotal moment in Visionz2Turnt’s career was an unexpected message that led to a meeting with Warner Music. This encounter set the stage for success and guided him toward his current position. Additionally, his foray into acting in movies has not only expanded his creative horizons but also opened new revenue streams.

Creativity Amid Change: Staying Informed and Relevant

To stay creatively motivated in an ever-changing industry, Visionz2Turnt remains up-to-date on the latest music trends. This awareness allows him to predict the trajectory of his songs and adjust his approach accordingly.

Long-Term Goals and Aspirations: A Multifaceted Career Unfolds

Visionz2Turnt envisions a future where his music becomes a sustainable career. Actively engaged in acting, he finds synergy between both realms, contributing to an expanded reach and diversified income streams.

Dream Collaboration: Visionz2Turnt and Lil Wayne

For a dream collaboration, Visionz2Turnt expresses a profound desire to collaborate with Lil Wayne, his idol since childhood. The prospect of working with the legendary rapper holds immense personal significance.

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As Visionz2Turnt continues to shape the future of hip-hop, his commitment to authenticity, resilience, and artistic evolution serves as an inspiration for aspiring artists and dedicated fans alike. Follow his journey as he paves the way for a new era in the world of rap.