Bush Prince Mikey

Let’s dive into the world of music, where Bush Prince Mikey Been is doing something pretty cool. Originally from Jamaica, Mikey’s all about blending music with nature vibes, creating tunes that not only sound awesome but also give your soul a good vibe. So, what’s his deal? Well, let’s check out Mikey’s life and why he’s all about singing about herbs and keeping it real when it comes to staying healthy.

Mikey’s been into singing since he was a kid. He says music is like the heartbeat of his soul, setting the mood for his day. This love for music got Mikey thinking, “Why not make a career out of this?”

Now, Mikey’s not your typical musician; he’s also big on holistic health. That means he’s all about natural remedies. On December 10, catch him on a podcast, where he’s gonna chat about how you can keep it real and healthy in a natural way.

One of Mikey’s recent jams, “Mossy,” is gaining some traction. He’s talking about Seamoss, saying it’s packed with 92 minerals that match up with what’s inside our bodies. And get this, he’s comparing Seamoss to the spark plugs in a car, saying it helps our bodies run smoothly.

Looking ahead, Mikey’s working on a fresh track called “Holy Wood,” and he’s planning to drop it before the new year. You can bet it’s gonna be another vibe about staying healthy in his own Mikey way.

Mikey’s got this vision, you know? He wants a future where his music is like a guide to staying healthy. He’s aiming to reach a bunch of people and get them thinking more about their well-being. By singing about herbs and dropping some knowledge through his music, Mikey wants to help make society healthier and more aware.

Growing up in Jamaica, Mikey’s got some serious musical influences from reggae, dancehall, and rap. Artists like Buju Banton, Beenie Man, Vybz Kartel, Spice, Jay Z, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, and the legendary B.I.G. shaped his style. And guess what? Nicki Minaj holds a special place in his heart as a big inspiration.

Summing it up, Bush Prince Mikey isn’t just laying down tracks; he’s like a musical healer. His tunes are all about keeping it real with your health and remembering where you come from. As he keeps spreading those good vibes about nature through his music, Mikey’s making his dream of a healthier and more aware society happen, one jam at a time. Cool, huh?