Fernet y Cola

A Cultural Cocktail: “Fernet Y Cola” Blends Tradition and Audacity

Los Chicos Criollos, the Argentine duo known for their electrifying blend of tango and hip-hop, are shaking up the scene once again with their latest offering, “Fernet Y Cola (Vago Remix)”. This track, featured on their highly anticipated “Tango Sessions” album, is more than just a song; it’s a cultural cocktail as bold and refreshing as the iconic Argentine drink it’s named after.

From Sicilian Swagger to Argentine Soul: Kingdom Kome Sets the Stage

Kingdom Kome, the group’s charismatic rapper, opens the song with confident swagger, weaving references to his Sicilian heritage with vibrant Latin American imagery. He compares his lyrical flow to the intensity of a classic Argentina vs. Brazil football match, setting the stage for a journey infused with both cultural pride and artistic audacity. His verses pay homage to Argentinean musical giants like Fito Paez, further solidifying their connection to their roots.

Poetic Magic & Unapologetic Swagger: The Chorus Rings True

The catchy chorus serves as a bridge between the verses, declaring their unique blend of “poetic and cultural magic”. The repeated lines, “Desde Belgrano hasta Santiago / Con las palabras somos magos” (From Belgrano to Santiago, we are magicians with words), resonate with their far-reaching influence and lyrical prowess. And the line “Fernet Y Cola lo que trago / Re-sarpado King & Che Los diputados” (Fernet Y Cola is what I drink, King & Che, the outspoken deputies) proudly highlights their distinct Latin American identity and their position as influential figures in the music scene.

The Uno Paints a Vivid Picture: Streetwise Poetry and Raw Authenticity

Che Uno, the group’s other half, carries the torch forward with equally vivid verses. His words paint a picture of Polo street fashion and capture the essence of a life lived on the edge. He delves deep into the soul of an artist who finds beauty and truth in the chaos of the streets, channeling it into a raw and poetic expression that aligns perfectly with the authenticity that fuels their music.

An Auditory Mural: Beyond Genre, Beyond Borders

“Fernet y Cola (Vago Remix)” transcends genres and borders, becoming an “auditory mural” where Kingdom Kome and Che Uno showcase their linguistic dexterity and create a powerful musical narrative. With each verse and rhyme, they challenge traditional tango boundaries while staying true to their cultural roots. This track is a testament to their artistic evolution and a call to embrace the beauty and power of cultural fusion.