Drill Music

In the ever-evolving London music scene, Courtzz The First, an ambitious and dedicated drill, club and rap artist is defining reflection with his newest release “I’m 26.” If you’re into making 2024 your year, focusing on self-help and manifesting, and all that comes with developing into your highest self then let me go deeper into the real reason “I’m 26” is so influential.

A year ago, Courtzz released “I’m 25” an introspective and reflective motivation song to empower himself and anyone who listens to it, and a year later he released “I’m 26,” a different instrumental, honing the same themes. The yearly timed release is unlike anything we’ve seen before, almost as if each year is a time capsule of the development we make and a thought-provoking way to stay on the path we are—a unique approach to life, growth, and everything else in between.

“I’m 26” is a testament to Courtzz’s creativity as an independent artist evoking empowering music. The heavy drill beats are catchy and consume us with determination, whether you’re starting your day, or working out, the hard, gritty melodies fuel our desire and remind us of the person we want to become.

So get lost into “I’m 26” and let Courtzz The First motivate you with his genre-bending rap and introspective approach to reflection that makes us hungry to seize the day, whether you are a drill, self-help, or fan of gritty workout music Courtzz is an artist you’ll need on your playlist. Stream “I’m 26” now!