Ee Ha Movement

Introduction: Meet Keerthi Srinivasan Shanmugam, the versatile artist behind the stage name “Ee Ha.” As a singer, songwriter, and entertainer, Keerthi embarked on a transformative journey from being an Electronics and Communication engineer to pursuing his true passions—Music, Yoga, and Dance. In this captivating narrative, Keerthi shares his artistic evolution, the formation of the Ee Ha band, and the pivotal role Bentley Records plays in propelling their musical endeavors.

A Fusion of Art and Mission: Keerthi’s work is not just music; it’s an outreach, an evolution, a journey, and a mission. Rooted in the idea of finding the true self and eradicating poverty through self-awareness, Ee Ha’s music stands as a testament to the power of art as a transformative force.

The Global Ensemble – Ee Ha Band: Ee Ha band is a melting pot of diverse talents from across the globe, featuring members from India, Japan, Brazil, the Virgin Islands, China, and the United States. This global collaboration enriches their sound, creating a unique fusion of influences and cultural flavors.

Inspirations and Musical Influences: Keerthi draws inspiration from a variety of artists, with Michael Jackson and Illayaraja holding a special place in his heart. The band’s sound is a punk-driven journey, incorporating pop/rock cutting edges to create a distinctive style. Other influences include Phil Collins, Bryan Adams, Scorpions, Pink Floyd, and more.

Challenges in the Music Industry: Keerthi acknowledges the challenges artists face, emphasizing the importance of being “Ready or Not.” Beyond skills and marketability, artists must navigate issues like racism and financial constraints. The struggle for recognition in a competitive industry is an ever-present hurdle.

Bentley Records: A Game-Changer: Bentley Records entered Keerthi’s musical journey in 2020, providing a significant boost to “Saint Ee Ha.” The collaboration led to the release of 20 singles, including hits like “Avalanche,” “Breathing,” and “Magical.” Keerthi expresses gratitude for Bentley Records, highlighting the A&R support, mixing, mastering, graphics design, and collaboration opportunities that have elevated their music to a global stage through the BentleyRecords.IO platform.

Future Aspirations and Ee Ha Movement: Looking ahead, Keerthi envisions the Ee Ha Movement as a tricycle on the wheels of Music, Yoga, and Dance, steering towards a mission of eradicating poverty. The goal is to evolve as a spiritual being, spreading joy, contentment, love, and compassion through art. Remaining true to the core and ordinary, Ee Ha is a movement with a purpose.

Dream Collaborations and Social Impact: While collaborating with Michael Jackson remains a dream fantasy, Keerthi expresses a desire to meet The Weeknd. Ee Ha’s music aims to address societal issues, inducing introspection through music, yoga, and dance, connecting with the core of humanity.

Connect with Ee Ha: Stay updated with Ee Ha on Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. Listen to their music on Spotify.

Conclusion: Keerthi Srinivasan Shanmugam, aka Ee Ha, is not just a musician but a visionary on a mission. The Ee Ha Movement is a testament to the power of art to drive change and inspire self-discovery. With Bentley Records as a guiding force, the journey continues, promising more singles, collaborations, and a profound impact on the world. EE HA!