Samuel López-Lago

The talented Spanish multidisciplinary creative Samuel López-Lago has released his highly-anticipated album “Ánima Matérica”. The album can be accessed for streaming on a multitude of popular digital platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music.

With an eclectic fusion of relaxing downtempo, gritty phonk and comforting lo-fi beats, “Ánima Matérica” offers an enthralling collection of four original compositions that highlight López-Lago’s masterful and experimental musicianship and his introspective storytelling vision.

The auditory experience of Samuel López-Lago is elevated through its evocative melodies, such as in “Reina de la superficie,” and invigorating beats, as found in “Piel del infinito.” Each track offers a spellbinding and immersive soundscape that not only entertains but also delves into the material construction of the universe, presented through beautiful and poetic lyrics that transport listeners to faraway realms.

The album manifests López-Lago’s unwavering commitment to his artistry, particularly in his songwriting, evidenced by the exquisite verses he has crafted. This contributes to a sonically diverse and innovative soundscape that is unmistakably his own, a testament to his remarkable creativity. Besides that, Samuel’s passion for meditation is unquestionably evident throughout this release, manifested by the creation of delightful melodies that serve to facilitate a reconnection with our inner selves.

Samuel López-Lago

The creation of this album owes much of its success to the remarkable talents of the esteemed music composer Frisson, whose expertise in the areas of mixing and mastering has contributed to its unique and captivating sound.

López-Lago states, “Without question, «Ánima Matérica» represents one of my most personal and meaningful audiovisual creations to date. The endeavor of expressing my awareness and understanding of how sounds and words work was one that posed a considerable challenge, yet the ultimate fruition of my efforts has proven to be an immensely satisfying and fulfilling experience.”

“Ánima Matérica” is now readily available for streaming across all major music platforms. For those seeking further information about Samuel López-Lago’s creative work and craft, please visit: