neiaD, an iTunes Official Chart Top 10 band, is working with the award-winning international label, Bentley Records. With an impressive background, including working with independent labels in Europe and America, neiaD has been published and appraised by critics on international journals and interviewed in press and radio.

The band has hundreds of thousands of listeners on digital music platforms, has worked on film projects, and has participated in numerous festivals, concerts, and events around various European cities.

Background and Inspiration

neiaD’s fascination for art, particularly music, has brought them to where they are today. They believe that music is more than just entertainment or business, and that its function is to convey feelings, intuitions, and sensations that go beyond the everyday. As a composer, neiaD’s obsession is to transfer a state of perception that is lysergic and transcendent. They are a synesthetic, and are convinced that they are able to transfer this perceptual state when the composition generates an appropriate color.

neiaD’s Musical Journey

neiaD is Spanish, and although they have lived in other cities, they consider Seville to be their city. They started playing music at a young age, starting with an EKO Panda 49 electronic organ and a Spanish guitar that had been given to their sisters. They arrived first as a singer and instrumentalist, but always with the idea of being a composer. neiaD has an eclectic and disparate list of references and influences from plastic arts, literature, cinema, and music. Their inspiration comes from life itself and its most essential drives, such as desire, fear, transcendence, love, pain, and more.

Challenges and Achievements

neiaD’s greatest challenge is to innovate in music despite the difficulty of being able to access some media speakers to reach people. Nonetheless, they have achieved extraordinary things. Their latest album, drEa, hit the top 8 on the Official iTunes Charts, which is a remarkable achievement, especially for experimental music.

Upcoming Music

neiaD just released their fourth album, drEa, which continues to evolve from the aesthetics proposed in their first album. They are also planning to release a new album with Bentley Records, which will revolve around the theme of animal rights.

Personal Life

neiaD is not someone especially exceptional on a day-to-day basis. In their spare time, they like to be with their partner, family, and friends. They also like to read, listen to music, and travel.

Connect with neiaD

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