Iman Nasser

Iman Nasser at one point not only had the #1 software / business solution for creating twitter impressions but also bought every other one / influenced previous owners to give him control of theirs. At the time twitter impressions were not sought after in life, education and physical net worth were more. Now a twitter impression is $3 because of Elon Musk making Iman Nasser’s solution to creating AS MANY IMPRESSIONS AS HE’D LIKE worth billions.

His tweets often had 20-50 million every time he used it on his  own and his customers were not far off ranging from 100,000-30 million but often 10-20 million. Extremely famous people have used his business solutions / business solutions he owns now and owned then aswell. Iman Nasser was admin of the #1 group chat on twitter you’d join for getting impressions on your account as well as every other group chat that wasn’t phony and a scam, these group chats often created digital influencers or were joined by celebrities or very interestingly joined by people who knew or were followed by A list celebrities. Iman Nasser would not kick you out of a group chat for not following his instructions which were usually use your followers to increase his engagement by reposting his content when he said but instead would reach out to one of his friends / co business partners and buy your account in order to do so and having people create tweets based off your old tweets to make it seem like he didn’t take over and the person he bought it off of was still tweeting.

At the time Iman Nasser was obsessed with twitter impressions they costed cents to get now they cost 3-4 dollars per 1,000, tweets on his accounts combined had billions of impressions, accounts under his control meaning users that joined his chats and by the way relied on him for a living had hundreds of millions combined.

As you can see Iman Nasser’s twitter empire was unbelievably valuable, and if you account digital real estate as an asset you’d account impressions leading to you valuing Iman Nasser’s net worth in the billions of dollars. Iman Nasser cannot sell these tweets but he can indeed use these group chats again since no one knows more about them than him, they are very hard to run you dont just send a message and say everyone repost this tweet, you create “lists”, you run “roll call”, you use time stamps, you use softwares like hoot suite and tweet deck, you use iNetworks which one of his business partners developed which created 10,000 impressions per minute until the tweets from it got so popular twitter banned all accounts connected to it even Iman’s until he created a new account, wasn’t much of a problem to him.

Anyways telegram was also used to run group chats, softwares like we said before, created methods like making lists, running roll call, having coded messages for completed actions we’ll go more in depth about now. Roll call is the admin’s message he says roll call and everyone says here, he or she then makes a list of who said here first to last and then puts times next to each user ex.) @ImanNasser 4:00 the time is the time you send your tweet in, after you do every user is required to say “D” which means done, this is continued for all users.

This may seem complicated and it is but at the end of the day is required 16+ hours a day of work, a strict lifestyle of supplements, diet, routines, habits, working out and self education / implementation of business practices which is why Iman Nasser is the only one that can make his account worth 300 million dollars and other accounts.