Lazaris, a true hip-hop mogul, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and humanitarian, hails from the Bronx, where he proudly carries the title of the “savior of Hip-Hop” in his community. With his cinematic, rapid-fire flow and lyrics filled with substance, Lazaris has drawn comparisons to hip-hop legends like Jadakiss, Big Pun, and Kool G Rap.

Early Beginnings and The Army:
Lazaris’ musical journey began at the young age of eight when he discovered his passion for rapping. He even became part of a supergroup called The Army. Throughout his career, Lazaris has collaborated with legendary producers such as The Real Cover & COD, Mass The Producer, The Beat Phonatic, and Da Inphamus Amadeuz, showcasing his versatility and dedication to his craft.

Rising as The Top Don:
Lazaris has been making waves as the savior of the Bronx, gaining recognition for his standout performances and collaborations. Recently, he was featured on a track alongside Papoose and 200 other famous emcees on TuneCore Street Heat TV. His verse on the hour-long track was so dominant that it caught the attention of none other than Big Daddy Kane, who co-signed Lazaris’ talent on his Instagram. With his highly anticipated album on the horizon, Lazaris is closing the year with a strong presence in the hip-hop scene.

Expanding Horizons and Future Ventures:
As Lazaris continues to rise, his impact goes beyond the Bronx. He has been working with producer Blu Diaz and has a series of records in the pipeline. Additionally, Lazaris is set to travel as part of the World Cup of Hip Hop, showcasing his skills to a global audience. While steadily working towards his own success, Lazaris has also become a go-to figure in NYC, providing various services for the culture, including hosting his own radio show.

Lazaris, the top don of New York, is undeniably making his mark on the hip-hop world. From his early beginnings to his collaborations with industry legends, Lazaris’ journey is a testament to his talent, perseverance, and commitment to his craft. As we eagerly await his upcoming album, “The Life of a Don Vol 1,” let’s continue to support Lazaris and celebrate his contributions to the music industry.