Divine Wizz

Divine Wizz is an American hip-hop artist. She addresses problems that are important to her and her community in her intimate and contemplative songs.

Atlanta GA – Divine Wizz, an upcoming hip-hop artist from Atlanta, GA, dropped her debut album titled “Balance” on January 23, 2023. Hip-hop music fans will pay attention to her first album because of it. Her CD will include a few entertaining songs that are said to provide listeners with an engrossing musical experience. She wants to have an impression on everyone who listens to her music, thus the album is a personal representation of her life.

Divine Wizz

“It’s my lyrical affirmation”, said Divine Wizz, a hip-hop artist, aiming to be one of the greatest ones in the game and have an impactful message. “This project is about me, as an artist, reflecting on my journey through life and trying to make sense of it all. I hope you enjoy listening to this album as much as I enjoyed making it!”

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“I would like to thank all of my fans for all their support over these past years as well as for helping me through tough times! This album is dedicated to you, my fans! Thank you for always having my back when things get tough or when we need each other’s support most! I love you guys so much!!!” said the artist. She added, “My music is more than just what I rap about; it’s part of who I am as an artist and a person. Music is a form of expression for me, it’s where I can express myself creatively without having to worry about what others think about me or my artistry.”

In a recent interview, she stated that after five years of musical experience, she sees herself traveling the world to bring her music to the masses. She also sees herself inspiring other young black women and girls to express themselves through their lyrics. Her upcoming album features some captivating tracks, including her favorite track, “My Magic Is Real,” “Live Forever,” and “Flores De Entre Los Muertos.”

About Divine Wizz

Hip-hop performer Divine Wizz is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Despite having almost 20 years of experience in the music business, she has only recently begun to receive attention. Divine Wizz has released a single, “Flores De Entre Los Muertos,” that also appears on her debut album, “Balance.” The album is distributed globally through digital platforms such as iTunes and Spotify. For more information, 

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