Mental Health Solutions

In an extraordinary virtual summit led by Egypt Brown’s Fight for Mental Health initiative, influential individuals from various fields converged to address mental health issues and pledge their commitment to world peace. The event, supported by the World Boxing Council (WBC), emphasized the potential recognition of world champions with “green belts” for their mental health advocacy.

The summit showcased a diverse array of speakers, including renowned actress and producer Heidi Jo Markel, entrepreneur and soccer club owner Harry Tachian, former boxing champion Kelly Pavlik, and more. The discussions delved into the intersection of mental health, environmentalism, and global well-being.

Key points included:

  1. Athletes’ Mental Health Struggles: Harry Tachian, owner of Los Angeles FC, highlighted the increasing mental health challenges among athletes and called for heightened awareness and collaboration.
  2. Stigma Breakdown: Kelly Pavlik shared efforts to dismantle the stigma around mental health, emphasizing the importance of early intervention and support for children.
  3. Women and World Peace: Two-time World Boxing Champion “Bang Bang” Lulu Hawton emphasized the role of women in fostering world peace, stressing the need for self-love and resilience.
  4. Gen Z Mental Health: Author Gloria Giorno and her son, Stevie Giorno, highlighted the mental health challenges faced by Gen Z, advocating for increased religious engagement and mentorship programs.
  5. Holistic Well-being: Dr. Michelle Thompson, a medical doctor, underscored the connection between mental and physical well-being, advocating for a holistic approach that considers lifestyle factors.
  6. Comprehensive Solutions: Congressional candidates Carla Spalding and Darius Mayfield emphasized the need for comprehensive solutions beyond medication and called for influential figures’ involvement.
  7. Global Impact: Former baseball player turned entrepreneur Jay Nolan stressed the global impact of mental health on overall well-being, social dynamics, and economic prosperity.
  8. Proactive Mental Wellness: Dr. Josh Himes, a retired pro fighter, urged a proactive approach to mental wellness, emphasizing advanced testing and personalized solutions.

This summit, titled “The Conversation,” served as a powerful example of collaboration and advocacy, addressing multifaceted mental well-being challenges. The diverse perspectives highlighted the necessity for a holistic approach to bring about lasting change on a global scale.

Prominent attendees included former heavyweight champion boxer Joe “The Juggernaut” Joyce, upcoming German pro boxer Ilyas Can Kali, Jack Willis, former NFL talents Julius Williams and Anthony Smith, Kimberly Brown (Daughter of Legends), daughter of NFL legend Jim Brown, and the Faith and Freedom Coalition.

Egypt Brown is a boxing promoter and the founder of the Fight 4 Mental Health. He is deeply invested in mental health, sports, and government.