In the ever-evolving landscape of country music, Trae Myers emerges as a beacon of musical prowess, embarking on a captivating journey with recent releases like “On a Boat” and the EP “Nashville Sessions Vol. 1.” This talented musician’s dedication to creating a unique and unforgettable musical experience sets him apart in a world saturated with sound.

A Musical Odyssey Unleashed:

Produced by the dynamic duo of Matty Monk and three-time Grammy winner Zach Allen, the EP “Nashville Sessions Vol. 1” is a time capsule that transports listeners back to the ’90s. The soulful tracks, including “Back to My Boots,” “Angel on My Shoulder,” and “End of the Day,” are a testament to the collaborative genius of composers Kyle Level, David Banning, and William Lee Martin.

Harmonious Collaboration:

Trae Myers, surrounded by a stellar ensemble of musicians such as Jimmy Carter, Lynn Williams, Joel Keyes, and Justin Ostrander, crafts a symphony that not only resonates but captivates the senses. Having shared stages with country music luminaries like Chase Rice, Kip Moore, Nate Smith, and Jameson Rodgers, Myers is ready to transition from the late-night bar scene to national stages, tours, and renowned country music festivals.

Strategic Move to Nashville:

Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, Trae Myers contemplates a strategic move to Nashville, the heart of the country music industry. With a focus on building meaningful relationships and creating new musical masterpieces, Myers plans to spend a significant portion of each month in Music City. This move is aimed at enhancing creativity and solidifying his presence on the national stage.

Crafting a Competitive and Innovative Record:

Teaming up with co-writer/co-producer Ryan Robinette and producer/engineer Justin Wantz in Nashville, Trae Myers is poised to create a musical masterpiece. Promising a record that is not only competitive but also innovative and captivating, Myers is set to redefine the boundaries of contemporary country music.

Consistent Musical Genius:

Myers, valuing quality over quantity, plans to keep fans engaged throughout 2024 with regular releases. This commitment ensures a steady stream of musical genius, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in the evolving narrative of Trae Myers’ musical universe.

Join the Journey:

To be a part of this extraordinary musical journey, visit Trae Myers’ official website at Experience the magic of “On a Boat” and other tracks on Spotify, and witness firsthand the unfolding of an exciting year in Trae Myers’ musical universe.

In a world of music that often echoes with familiarity, Trae Myers stands out as a trailblazer, leading us through uncharted waters of musical brilliance. The stage is set, the waves are high, and the journey promises to be nothing short of extraordinary.