Up-and-coming singer April returns to the music scene with the therapy song “Blooded Girl,” following her single “It Was You.” Instead of running away from the pain and trauma, she chose to face it head-on, voicing how a “broken girl” regains her strength and thrives.She took her career to the next level. Since we’re working so hard to raise it, we wanted to give our fans an end-of-the-year gift during the holiday season.

You can listen to her smile through her pain while feigning her happiness in order to survive and lead a normal life. She considers herself an inspirational artist, taking her original sound to new heights by bringing depth and reach to her music for her listeners. As for the production, gospel bass is heard throughout, creating a spiritual energy that is good for the soul. April does a great job of telling the raw truth in a sonically pleasing way that appeals to the musical ear.

Designed to bring a healing aura to her listeners, “Bruised Girl” is set to become April’s most-streamed song on Spotify. This singer wants everyone to know that it’s never too late to heal, learn, grow and thrive.She hits the play button below to stream Bruized Girl.