There has been a lot of hip hop artists coming out of Florida, USA recently. This “next up” artist is no exception to that. “SicSix” has been making waves locally with only releasing two songs, “Hit After Hit” and “Step Back”. With a bit of drill, mixed with underground, and an overall great sound, it’s no wonder why people are starting to notice. Both of these releases are out on all platforms including Soundcloud, Apple Music, TikTok, etc… These fast, hard, but catchy songs let us take a look into what his life may consist of. With lyrics talking about guns and violence and others talking about money and hustling, we wonder what early life was like for “SicSix”.

Although not much is known about the artist “SicSix”. What we do know is that he is from Florida, and thought to be from the Tampa area. Age, height, and ethnicity remains unknown, but we do know that once people here his music, people will be obsessed enough to find out.

As long as “SicSix” keeps releasing music like his latest two tracks, we have no reason not to believe that he will be the “next big thing” out of Florida. Showing hints of genius lyrical word play, and switching flows on tracks with ease, it seems “SicSix” may even be the “next big thing” out of the USA.

SicSix platforms are as follows