Dorian «Dodo» Boutillier

Dorian «Dodo» Boutillier is an 18-year-old French composer and beatmaker who began to make himself known on networks by publishing weekly loops and progressive chords on Instagram, where he has more than 20,000 followers!

Influenced by Bruno Mars, Anderson Paak or Jamiroquai, he composes in several styles such as RnB, Acid Jazz and Rap, although he also touches on other genres such as Funk. As a beatmaker, he writes his own loops on score and works each instrument in detail. This is an original approach and many of his followers nickname this way of writing and composing the «New Rap», especially by funk influences like complex basslines or its rich harmonization. His originality is felt in his musical style and his talent!

«Dodo» Boutillier

Today, he decided to change his concept and embark on a career as an artist, he wants to make several singles and then an album and expresses his desire to join a label. He does not say he is a good singer and rather wants to collaborate with various groups or artists, including French rappers like Orelsan whose lyrics he appreciates, or his favorite artists and groups Jamiroquai, Cory Wong, SilkSonic,… He wishes to have an artist image despite his status as a beat maker and expresses his desire not to be an umpteenth beat maker that is left in the background, a will that may seem rare in this environment where the artist works with producers who are not necessarily put in the foreground and who work more in the shadows…
He dreams of joining big companies like Universal or Warner…

However, his change of concept was not very well received, some of his followers having been disappointed and being held back by the loss of interest of many of his followers. However, he now publishes on Instagram extracts of his compositions as well as content around his personality, he begins to access to be seen by his real who accumulate thousands of views and likes while keeping loyal followers. Despite its beginnings, it reaches a certain audience and remains a very good musical discovery!