As a kid from New Port Richey, Florida who or what inspired you to start rapping?

Since I was around the age of 7 I’ve loved music. Whether it was pop, rock, hip-hop, and more I was in love. But later on down the line when I turned 14 I started getting heavy into rap and I started writing lyrics I still am writing lyrics to this day up to the age of 18 and I’m loving it. I’d say what inspired me the most was the impact music left on my life and other people’s life. I wouldn’t say anyone in particular but just music in its essence touched my soul and I felt connected to it.

Was there ever a particularly verse or song that you wrote that made you think “Damn I can go somewhere with this rap thing”?

Yes, there was and it was called Vulnerable which I released on January 16th, 2023 talking about my life and all the things I’ve been through and I felt like a lot of people could connect to the song and feel inspired to move forward, and never stop going for their dreams as I did. After all, that’s my main reason for starting music.


If you had a chance to work with anyone in music, whether it’s a rapper, producer, or just a great music mind, who would it be?

I’d say if I had to work with anyone it’d be Polo G. He has a way of speaking to an audience and reaching deep into their soul. And that’s what I want to do with my music. I’m a huge fan of Polo G and if I could get into the Stu with him it’d make my year.

Would you stay independent or sign with a major label?

I like being independent so I would typically stay independent unless the deal I was being offered is truly worth giving up my independence for. But I believe making it on your shows a true artist and that’s what I want to be.

What are you trying to get out of music? Is it the money to help those who are close to you? is it like therapy to you? or creating a legacy? what are you trying to accomplish?

It’s a mix of many things. I wanna be able to buy a house for my family and have them live the best life, especially my mom and dad who supports me so much. And my friend too I wanna help him grow as an artist and as a person. We’ve done some tracks together he goes by King K.T.Y. But I don’t want to end there. I want to reach millions of people and help them in their times of need and in their times of struggle by giving them something to reach for and hold onto. I guess you could call it to hope or even faith. Cause I believe faith and belief in yourself can make you destined for greatness, no matter the background.

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