MusicSnake has captured the hearts of many music enthusiasts with his latest album “By”. Fred King released the album in 2022, and ever since then, the album has received a huge amount of cheer from its listeners and has acquired the artist many dedicated listeners. “By” consists of 8 catchy songs that will be humming in no time.

LP “By” is a combination of tunes that portray the rapper’s true feelings. The authenticity of the lyrics shows us the nature of the rapper and the efforts he has put into making this music. With the perfect combination of vocals and background music, the songs reflect the emotions of the rapper to which the listener can easily relate.

The album starts with the song, Call Me MusicSnake. The song discusses the life-long experiences of the rapper. Infused with incredible music and the perfect sync of rap makes the song more enjoyable. Listening to the song after a hard day will lift your mood & it might take your mind off your problems, as the rapper says: ‘I will solve your problems, it’s a piece of cake’. 

The second track, Immigraniada 2.0, has a deep message that motivates you to keep fighting no matter what the circumstances are. The song leaves a strong impact on you because of the soul Fred has put into it as he was an immigrant once and fought all the way to reach where he is today. This song is dedicated to people who left their homes and fight for a better life, just as Fred says: “Don’t give up, don’t give up, don’t give up you will see the light. Don’t give up, don’t give up, don’t give up in your freedom fight”

The third track, Icy Flight, will take you to the world of snowboarding. If you have ever been on a snowboard, you will feel the lyrics of this song. Just pick this song for your next party & it will make your party fly, for sure: “Sport is my religion, call me a snowboard pastor. A quick sip of Red Bull, now I fly even faster”

The fourth track, Fight, deviates a bit from the theme of the first three tracks. The perfect fusion of metal with rap & the tone of the song brings fire to your bones. The song gives you the same energy that you get from the famous “Break Stuff” by Limp Bizkit. 

The fifth track surely gets the crypto guys all hyped up. Crypto Creep has the touch of a guitar much more than the other songs. The artist has used lyrics that combine words from the crypto vocabulary in order for the people to become familiar with the crypto world, as some people suggest, ‘Crypto is the future.’ 

The sixth track revolves around the times we survived and the feelings we had during the pandemic. MusicSnake has brilliantly portrayed the horrific experience of the pandemic with a chill tone in Pandemic 2022 and every one of us can relate to the song. The song perfectly depicts how the crisis broke us from the inside. From the virus to the heartbreak, from vaccination to the variants, from daily warnings to the sunny mornings, the song has everything that we all have been through during the pandemic.

Fred put his soul and heart into the final tracks of this album as it relates to his daughter Emily. He even named the songs after her daughter, Emily and Emily Beat. ‘Emily’ includes all the words that Fred says directly to his daughter in this song. Snake uses this song to advise her daughter in all the future aspects of her life, so, whether he is there to witness it or not, Emily will always have the daddy’s words with her. The rapper even used Russian in his song, which portrays his home country Belarus and will remind his daughter of the origin of her father’s story. We suggest you give this album a try, as we have got it on repeat!