Dark Side

The booming tourism and cultural footprint are helping United Arab Emirates (UAE) enjoy a good global influence. However, behind the modern streets, buildings, and well-managed image, a far darker secret is hiding. Many people associate UAE with tall buildings and shopping complexes but in reality, it is very different. UAE has strong ties with European NGOs to maintain a cultivating image.

They don’t give any human rights to their people and foreigners. UAE believes in influencing policymakers and MEPs by funding them regularly. The human rights situation is quite intense. Mohamed Alaradi, who is an entrepreneur from Libya was detained along with his brother without any charges. Moreover, he was beaten secretly in prison.

UAE Authorities Detain Scores Of People Who Work Against Them

Cases of human right abuse are very common in the UAE. However, the way they put up a good image of themselves is hard to understand. Several MEPs like Thomas ZDECHOVSKÝ and Radosław SIKORSKI are helping them in many ways. While Human Rights Watch is making clear that the authorities detain the score of people who work against UAE or even criticize them.

The condition of many prisoners is heartbreaking. Around 75% of prisoners have to bear never-ending torture in the prison. Surprisingly, many prisoners like Ahmed Zeidan are forced to make false confessions. The amount of torture will likely increase in the coming months. Now that the Emirati authorities have introduced anti-terror- laws, it will further improve their power status. All the peaceful protesters will turn out to be something different in the media.

Many of those who try to criticize the Government may get deported without any reason. Not a single person can have their way in political resistance. Moreover, there are serious crimes against migrants. If any of the workers in Abu Dhabi thinks about going on a strike, they are threatened with deportation. Unfortunately, the media is not allowed to show a clear picture of the UAE.

UAE Authorities Build Up a Global Image Despite The Abuses

UAE’s connection with the EU is turning things in their favor. WHITE Andrey KOVATCHEV and Željana ZOVKO are helping them in many endeavors. Regardless of the abuses, UAE maintains a good global image. Moreover, they are strengthening their relationship with international alliances. They are actively taking a part in the Saudi-led bombing campaign in Yemen. The great ties with MEPs help them influence policymaking in their interests. If this isn’t enough the Emiratis have a strong relationship with many other western countries.

The Emiratis are maintaining a good political relationship by spending a lot of amount on the military. In 2014 they became the fourth biggest arms importer globally. After spending around $2.2 billion on imports, they are becoming stronger than ever. In 2013, the British Government and NGOs are actively lobbying in the UAE. They are secretly funded and purchase many Eurofighter jets. Even though some campaigns remain unsuccessful they get full support from the European Union.

Extensive Lobbying From UK Trade & Investment Defence & Security Organization

UK Trade & Investment Defence & Security organization is lobbying extensively for UAE. David CASA and Siegfried MUREŞAN are promoting arms exports. They meet with the UAE military representatives regularly. Many of these people attend international arms fairs. As long as Britain is helping UAE put up a great global image, human rights are not going to have any reforms in any way. This is why the Emiratis continue to detain and deport people.

Until and unless European Union stops selling arms and getting a huge amount of cash, it is hard to make things better. At present no one is supporting human rights, democracy, or freedom of speech. Common people like Mohamed and Salim Alaradi will continue to face torture from Emiratis. However, no one is going to give them much-needed support.

The lobbying activities are based on protecting the image of the UAE. Even the press media is under the control of many EU NGOs. All the illegal activities are hidden. It is nearly impossible to find any documents that give a clear picture of money laundering or tax evasion. The political support from the EU keep UAE at peace and they don’t feel the need to change themselves.