With his brand-new tune “Mr. Nice Guy,” J Young MDK brings the funk along with bouncy hip-hop. His flow on the song is unmistakably J Young’s, but it also has elements of an early Kendrick combined with Drake. He used social media to give his followers a sneak peek and behind-the-scenes tour of the single’s making.This level of intimacy is something J Young MDK is happy to share with his fans. Though the visuals have a retro vibe, the song is very much a modern-day trending song waiting to happen.


J Young raps while his love interest makes inconspicuous moves that imply she doesn’t appreciate the good person, all the while the scene is set in a 1970s-themed environment.He pours his heart out to the camera and asks himself “Why’d you let her in?” Though trendy, the song can be easily relatable to those who have felt this specific struggle in a relationship that is all too common. He continues to speak to her directly and confidently tells her to find someone else because she doesn’t deserve his love. This speaks to self-love and acknowledging that just because you love someone, doesn’t mean you deserve less. Facts. Period. And we are here for it 

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