A self-confessed workaholic and passionate family man Jamaine Carey also goes by therichboyyouhate. Last year partnered with some of the biggest real estate firms in Istanbul to now launching his own Londonboyvillas property business expanding throughout Limassol in Cyprus.

You can see him cruising in one of his three cars or sailing his boat around the Mediterranean Sea when he’s not working, going to the gym, or flying first class around the world.Jamaine Carey said he’s not afraid to take risks when it comes to business and currently counts 17 properties and companies in his portfolio around Turkiye Cyprus, Spain.

Jamaine Carey told Muzictimes that from a business perspective beach clubs are more lucrative than nightclubs. “In a nightclub, you have two hours to make money, between 10 and 12, in a beach club you’ve got 12-12- that’s five times more.”

A Mediterranean-fusion restaurant that serves sushi and fresh seafood is also part of the outdoor club. “Hopefully I can inspire other people that anything is possible”, says Jamaine Carey,

You can keep up with his business ventures and ongoing growth on his

Instagram @Jamainecarey