Minnesota Twin Cities

Minnesota rapper ChasaBag Is on the rise to fame in such a short amount of time here in the twin cities.

ChasaBag recently collaboration with music artists Sean Kingston which has sparked controversy on possibly being a breakout hit for the Minnesota music scene.

Chasabag has been creating music for the last three years here in Minnesota. He’s has recent breakout hits such as “LEAN” featuring Bossman Carter, and also “My Pleasure” shot by Fella Fellz. ChasaBag have been doing music a few years now locally in Minnesota, and been reaching new highest. This year he’s been giving the industry all gas no breaks and has seen much success.

He has worked with many artists in the industry such as Memo600, Lil Migo, Fat Wizard, Sean Kingston, Friday and many more. ChasaBag also opened up for many big “A-Lists” artists during his recent performances.

Chasabag pride himself on family and team work, which he such much love to his staff CBTF Records and my management team “CBTF Vern” Vernell Thomas.