The African Superstar and son of the late music icon , embarks on ongoing success in his music and business career simultaneously .

Advancing doesn’t necessarily mean buying into what everyone else does. Robby Sbusiso Malinga, or Rob Mally as his known to his listeners, is no stranger to the concept of leveling up on your own terms.

Since his debut single in 2021 with the single “Sweet 16!” — which cracked the code of the times and became a viral culture sound — Mally has since continued to transform his repertoire, maintaining authenticity throughout.

Here is an artist that refuses to compromise his style or his craft for quick likes and empty streams. Despite this, Mally has still faced great success, racking up to over 12 Million plays on SoundCloud and over 25 million streams on Apple Music. And still counting.

And although Mally is leveling up while making his distinctive mark on the industry, his latest body of work proves he’s just getting started and on an upward trajectory that knows no bounds.