As I exited my MaxKare Recumbet Exercise Bike Zipp Xavier Land was gonna be my next stop after I grabbed a cream cheese bagel. If you’ve heard you can’t deny the undeniable then you yourself are in the 97 percentile that actually believes that statement to be factual.

As the approached my work station I noticed someone had placed one of those sticky note tab thingies on the top of my computer monitor it read Zipp Xavier, I pondered through my thoughts and since it was a crow’s eye 6:45 am still I’m collectively thinking in God’s creation what could Zipp Xavier be meaning.

The google geek in me proceeded to sit down while typing this strangely odd set of two words finally the mystique of the sticky note had propelled me into embarking on an expedition to somehow stumble across hmm. maybe a new musical icon.

Zipp Xavier I noticed had a ton of humongous acclaim for instance Zipp Xavier had been ranked #9 by Coast2Coast mixtapes on their Hottest in the state of California, as the HIP Hop GPS took me closer to the core to the WEST Los Angeles California rapper.

Yes, Zipp Xavier’s verbal arsenal has landed him features with Grammy-nominated artist formerly of Strange Music, the legendary RITTZ on the future release “Down The Radar” which also features Denver Colorado’s own two rising stars Young Pistol and Albeez4sheez and remixed by Chilean producer Lemunard.

As I dug a lot deeper what made all the pieces fit so effortlessly was a management partnership with legendary artist Mizta Sandman.

The overwhelming consistency Zipp Xavier has presented in creating captivating songs has him set up for the release of his highly anticipated album Marang Sauce on January 31st, 2023, the single Brain Juice has already been deemed as a fun ride through a lyrical shop of horrors Zipp Xavier tour is set to start in the spring of 2023.

As a new Zipp Xavier fan amongst thousands of others across all the streaming waves note that Zipp Xavier is an amazing and enjoyable way to experience great music. Play “Brain Juice” now on *Spotify*and all streaming platforms