Vandes Jackson

From the urban sprawls of inner cities, stories of personal battles and triumphs arise. Vandes Jackson’s recent track, “Art of War,” provides listeners with an intimate portrayal of his internal struggles. Let’s dive into the making and inspiration behind this captivating song released under the acclaimed label.

Painting the War Within

For Jackson, “Art of War” is more than just a song. It represents his struggles as a young man navigating the complexities of life in the inner city. While he doesn’t regard himself as a contemporary Picasso, Jackson’s commitment to taking risks and pushing his creative boundaries is evident in every note of this track.

A Dream Collaboration: Joining Forces with The Game

Collaborating with The Game, a hip-hop legend, was nothing short of surreal for Jackson. Recalling the first time he heard “The Documentary” in 2005, Jackson never imagined that almost two decades later, he would not only produce but also share lyrical space with the iconic artist. This collaboration was nothing short of destiny.

The Organic Creative Process

Jackson emphasizes that his songwriting process is both abstract and organic. “Art of War” marinated in his mind for a week, naturally evolving as he let the song dictate its direction. Not one for preconceived song titles, Jackson lets his music do the talking, ensuring each track is a genuine reflection of his emotions.

A Message of Perseverance and Ambition

Through “Art of War,” Jackson aspires to inspire. He wants listeners to resonate with the grit, determination, and accountability the track embodies. It’s a song that speaks of triumph in the face of adversity, encouraging listeners to persevere despite naysayers or unfavorable circumstances.

Vulnerability: A New Musical Territory

While Jackson is no stranger to producing hits, “Art of War” stands out for its raw emotion. Addressing the pain of confronting his ego marked a new journey for him, turning the creation process into a therapeutic experience.

The Story Behind the Title

Jackson’s love for reading shines through the song’s title, drawing inspiration from Sun Tzu’s strategic masterpiece, “The Art of War.” Emphasizing outsmarting one’s opponent, Jackson uses this ancient wisdom to navigate modern-day challenges.

Memorable Moments and Artistic Influence

The excitement around “Art of War” was palpable. Jackson recalls the overwhelming response from fans when he teased a snippet on Instagram. But beyond the accolades, the collaboration with The Game reinvigorated Jackson, fuelling his desire to further evolve his brand and setting the stage for his upcoming release, “Rockstar Trap Music II.”

Reflections and Reactions

For Jackson, the essence of “Art of War” lies in its opening line: “The art of war is more than physical.” It’s a sentiment that encapsulates the duality of conflict – both mental and physical. Feedback from fans has been overwhelmingly positive, appreciating the fresh, lyrical approach Jackson brought to this track.

In collaboration with Bentley Records, Vandes Jackson has crafted a track that not only showcases his unparalleled lyrical prowess but also resonates with listeners on a deeply personal level. With much more in store, Jackson’s journey in the music world is one to watch.