We just want to say this song is nothing less than amazing. Every aspect of this song from the lyrics down to the production, and the performance of vocals sounds spectacular. James Roan and Richy B are an upcoming duo out of Miami, Florida looking to make their way into the music game on a larger scale. However, with the music song they just released it sounds like they’re already signed to a big label. The music is put together so well, it’s as if they are already at a commercial level with big budgeting dollars already behind them. This shows when you make music from the heart, and it means something to the listen in a positive way, the effects will show on all sides.

With this being the first single release off their upcoming joint album, they hope to gain some sort of traction and create about of a buzz for what’s the come. The song is heartfelt, the lyrics are passionate and the production carries a lot of emotion. The instruments used impacts the listener on the first play, with guitars and synths being the most dominate on the track. We get the sense that, they want to make a difference in the current state of hip-hop and ultimately change the culture.

The song is saying “Don’t give up!” and that “Time tells all!”. It’s almost therapeutic listening to this as every single person on planet earth can relate of most of its content. It’s slow tempo and smooth mellow sounds can take you into another dimension for that short period of time. All we want to say to James and Rich is KEEP GOING! The Rap genre needs more music like this to bring back more of a balance in the game. Also involved in the track is singer Micheala Springs supplying background vocals and Fresh Micks, who mixed and mastered the song.

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