In the unique era of streaming, quantity seems to take priority over quality, especially when an artist is coming up in the industry and wants to create traction in their young career.

Artists typically resort to releasing multiple singles and albums a year at the expense of sacrificing quality releases. This business model typically expands revenue for the artist due to the multitude of songs available to stream, but these songs are typically rushed and do not showcase the artist in the best light.

Olly says” I want to cement the Irish music industry, they all have a lot of potential, I happy for the likes of Offica, Selló and Outburstpal and Dami hope, Debobby and everyone in this entertainment industry. There many names out there but I am excite with what they all do next.

Tell us three things about yourself . . .

My name is Olly Gazal and I am an upcoming entrepreneur From County Meath, Ireland. I love Irish music and Irish drill and I just want to see many people succeed.

How would you describe your Company?

It is unique platform for the entertainment industry, and it’s growing.

Who are your inspirations?

Michael Jackson, Michael Rainy Jr, Aaron Donald and Coke Bennett.

Where can people find your socials ?

My Googled information is here:

Instagram(Ollys TV):

Instagram(Olly Gazal):