Tarah Who

In a society where repetitive rhythms and songs are often the dominant form of music, Tarah Who? becomes a formidable force. You heard correctly. And in case your reaction is, “Tarah Who?” be ready to be initiated into the thrilling world of Grunge-Punk as this group, featuring the unstoppable Tarah Carpenter, releases their most recent song, “Army of Women,” upon an unwary rock landscape.

“Army of Women” is best described as a symphonic explosion of rock ‘n’ roll mixed with industrial elements. It’s a sound revolution, not simply a song. The brave frontwoman Tarah Carpenter linked up with legendary producer Alain Johannes, who has worked with artists such as Queens of the Stone Age and Chris Cornell. What was the outcome? A song with guitar chords that could wake the dead mixed with strong lyrics honouring women’s fortitude that strikes you harder than your morning coffee.

Having toured with such heavyweights as L7, Life of Agony, Madball, and Prong for a whole year, “Tarah Who?” is demonstrating they’re even more tenacious than your grandmother’s bingo wins. “Army of Women” is a powerful example of their dedication to breaking ground in the music industry and perhaps breaking a few eardrums.

Tarah Carpenter’s adventure began in France, when at the age of 14, she chose to learn how to play the drums against social norms. In the future, she will have mastered more instruments than the memes you have stored on your phone. She is the epitome of empowerment in a still-developing music business.

“Tarah Who?” is a musical powerhouse as well as a funny name. They’ve grabbed center stage at French events like Hellfest and the Wheels & Waves Motorcycle Festival, and publications like Tatouage Magazine and Rolling Stone France have taken note. If the endorsement from GIG Radar doesn’t compel you to take notice, then what will?

And fasten your seatbelt if you’re concerned about their trip itinerary. They have performed with rock royalty nearly all around the world, and they have no intention of stopping down. A tour of Europe including Madball, Prong, and Life of Agony? I was there and I was awesome in January and February. A September East Coast Tour with L7? Verify. November: Life of Agony and Prong on another European tour? Yes. They also have a November/December tour planned in France, so they’re not forgetting their origins.

Fans may also anticipate a new EP featuring Alain Johannes to be released in 2024, as if that weren’t enough. Prepare to turn up the volume because “Tarah Who?” invites rock fans to join them on this crazy, thrilling musical adventure, and “Army of Women” is accessible on all major streaming platforms. Who wouldn’t want to be a member of an army that is guaranteed to make you smile? Tarah Who? That’s right.