December 2022 – Sweet Limb is an artist with a focus on making music that explores the variety of the contemporary R&B scene with a retro twist. He has released a handful of wellreceived releases, including the recent work “fresh.” The latter showcases personal lyrics with
vocals falling in between neo-soul and hip-hop; accompanied by experimental, yet catchy beats.

Sweet Limb is a natural-born storyteller, and the lyrics that drive his music are very compelling and personal. His upcoming EP, “Vibes” deepens his formula, taking his artistry to a new level of charisma. The ambient track, “Ketamine,” explores his experience using medical ketamine infusions for mental health therapy. Using Sweet Limb’s characteristic smooth vibes, the song, “Dip,” is a vibe from start to finish. Meanwhile, “Kickstart,” is layered with thoughtful lyricism and deep meaning. “Straight Up” is a nod to all ATCQ fans.

The artist’s silky vocal flow works well with the instrumentals, locking in with the rhythm perfectly and creating beautiful synergy with the melodic parts. His work is highly recommended to fans of artists such as D’Angelo, Mac Miller, or Miguel, only to mention a few.
The EP exudes warmth, with an old-school attitude filled with boom-bap beats, vintage-flavored samples and vocals that are up-close and personal.
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