R96 is marking his debut of 2024 with his latest release, “Splinter Cell.” This track transcends the boundaries of conventional drill, taking listeners on a gripping journey through unique beats and unapologetic lyrics. R96’s musical evolution is evident in ‘Splinter Cell,’ deviating from his usual dark drill style.

R96’s lyricism unfolds as a visceral portrayal of his life on the roads. “All of these opps play hide and seek, I ain’t ever seen none of them run these streets,” sets the tone for a narrative where the stakes are high and survival is paramount. The juxtaposition of the hide-and-seek metaphor with the gritty reality of the streets creates a vivid and compelling image. In ‘Splinter Cell,’ R96 explores new sonic territories while staying true to the roots that define his sound.

In summary, ‘Splinter Cell’ emerges as a profound exploration of R96’s lyrical craftsmanship and innovative style. R96 peels back the layers of his narrative, offering listeners an intimate look into the evolving story of a drill artist who has mastered the delicate balance between authenticity and artistic innovation. His lyrics paint a vivid picture of a relentless artist who, continues to make waves in the Scottish scene. R96 proves that his art is not just a reflection of street life but a universal calling for those who resonate with the raw.

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