Red McFly

Allentown, PA isn’t the first place you think of when major cities come to mind. It’s the third largest city in Pennsylvania but is constantly overshadowed by Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Red McFly says he is here to change that and is moving up at a rapid rate while doing so. “The 5 Foot 10 Giant” returns with a brand new visual for “Wipe Out” , the lead single off his upcoming album “Life Is Crazy 2”, the sequel to his album “Life Is Crazy” that he released last year.

The video captures the day in the life of Red Mcfly both onstage and backstage. With scenes that features members of Take Flight Society (his brand/independent label)to a cameo from G-eazy (fellow platinum rapper/producer from Oakland, California) Red Mcfly holds no punches in his raps, from stating firmly that he’s a “real one here never been a rat” to humorously bragging about girls love intimacy with him while he’s wearing his chains. He’s also gives a shoutout to incarcerated rapper Max B, who’s known throughout the industry as the Wave God (it’s always free Max B til they free him, in which he yells “free the wave” in the adlibs).

Red Mcfly also has been putting time into making top notch production for Benny The Butcher and his artists from Benny’s BSF (Black Soprano Family) label. Red produced “The Warehouse” by Fuego Base, OT The Real, and Benny The Butcher and “Take A Look” by Fuego Base, Benny The Butcher, Rick Hyde, Lo Pro and Uncle Murda, in which Red makes a cameo in the music video. It’s footage of them behind the scenes working on music online, notably Benny going live on his Instagram page shouting out Red Mcfly stating his production and work ethic is no joke
Most rappers can be hit or miss with making sequels to albums, but if “Wipe Out ” is the lead single, Red Mcfly is off to a great start

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