KK Hammond

This is a sojourn into the raw and haunting music of The Curse of KK Hammond, with a specific focus on her latest 2-sided single, “Heart Shaped Box / In the Pines”. It’s a fascinating exploration of her unique genre – “Horror Blues”, which she magnificently conveys in both these cover songs. Let’s delve into the nuances of these tracks, the distinct influence of blues and Nirvana, and how Hammond has ingeniously managed to bring a fresh take to these well-known songs.

KK Hammond is no stranger to the music industry. Known for her unique “Horror Blues” style, she has been steadily making her mark, and with her latest single, she is taking it to another level. The two-sided single features covers of Nirvana’s hit song “Heart Shaped Box” and a traditional folk song “In the Pines”. Both of these covers are unified by Hammond’s signature style, a blend of haunting melodies and soulful blues that truly sets her apart from other musicians.

Before we delve fully into the cover songs, let’s illuminate a bit more about KK Hammond and her music style. The term “Horror Blues” perfectly encapsulates Hammond’s sound – it’s dark, it’s eerie, but there’s also an undeniable bluesy soul to her music. Her voice carries the weight of each song, rich and emotive, while the compositions and instrumentals only accentuate the overall gloomy yet intriguing atmosphere. The single, “Heart Shaped Box / In The Pines”, is the perfect example of this balance – with heavy undertones, yet soft moments that intermingle perfectly.

The cover of Nirvana’s “Heart Shaped Box” is the first song on the single. This cover retains the grunge mood that made the original Nirvana version an instant classic. However, Hammond’s rendition adds a dimension of haunting atmosphere, beautifully complemented by elements of her signature style of music.

Heart Shaped Box cover Hellbilly style with @KasparBerryRapkin #nirvana #southerngothic #banjo

Hammond’s delivery is spectacular. She takes us through the song with a measured pace, hitting the right emotional notes that align perfectly with the cover’s tone. The instrumentals are layered thickly, enhancing the heavy atmosphere, making this rendition of “Heart Shaped Box” an immersive auditory experience. The rawness of the original is retained, yet infused with a menacing aura that is quintessentially Hammond’s.

On the B- side of the single is the cover of “In the Pines,” an old folk song that has been previously covered by many artists, including Nirvana. However, KK Hammond’s version stands out. The song feels like it was tailor-made for her, with its thumping beat and the almost tangible intensity that perfectly fits the ‘Horror Blues’ aesthetic.

The sound is intense, filled with crashing beats and complemented by a menacing undertone. Hammond’s unique style shines through, giving the song an eerie and hauntingly beautiful aura.

The production is top-notch, bringing all the elements together for a cohesive output.

This new version sounds potent and somehow dangerous, exemplifying how a well-executed cover can elevate the original song.

The single beautifully balances heavy and soft moments – a testament to Hammond’s understanding of the essence of both songs. She walks the tightrope between intensity and subtlety with finesse. The result is an auditory experience that keeps you engaged from start to finish.

These songs left us eagerly waiting for more music from KK Hammond. If this single is an indication of what’s to come, we are sure that her future works will continue to push boundaries and challenge the conventional definitions of genre. As the haunting melodies of doom resonate, we can only wait with bated breath to see where KK Hammond takes us next.

“Heart Shaped Box / “In The Pines” drops on October 27th.  http://www.thecurseofkkhammond.com/