Bentley Records neiaD

Introduction: Meet neiaD, an artist whose music defies conventional boundaries, taking listeners on a synesthetic and eclectic journey. In this exclusive interview, neiaD shares insights into the creative process, influences, and the impact of collaboration with Bentley Records. As an iTunes Official Chart Top 10 artist, neiaD’s experimental approach has earned recognition, including participation in the Grammy Awards.

Crafting a Unique Sound: neiaD’s musical journey is marked by a desire to transcend traditional genres. The project, described as a synthesis of contemporary arts, rock, jazz, psychedelic, minimalism, avant-garde, melodic music, and electronic elements, challenges the norm. Despite difficulties in accessing mass media, neiaD’s innovative work has gained critical acclaim.

 Inspirations and Synesthetic Experiences: Life’s essential drives inspire neiaD’s songwriting, delving into desire, fear, transcendence, love, and pain. The synesthetic approach involves observing colors generated by the music, aiming to evoke a lysergic and transcendent state. Influences from various art forms, including Goya, Satie, Hendrix, and more, shape neiaD’s unique sound.

Navigating Challenges in the Music Industry: In a rapidly changing industry, neiaD highlights the challenge of maintaining focus on artistic originality and style. Innovating within media limitations remains a constant hurdle for artists striving to reach a broader audience.

Impact of Bentley Records: Collaborating with Bentley Records has significantly impacted neiaD’s career. Achieving top positions on iTunes charts and participating in the Grammy Awards underscore the influence of Bentley Records. The platform provides valuable exposure and collaboration opportunities, making it more than a record label—a supportive artistic family.

Unique Opportunities and Achievements: neiaD emphasizes the unique opportunities presented by Bentley Records, from reaching a broader audience to earning distinctions like Grammy Awards participation. The collaboration showcases not only professional success but also the remarkable human qualities within the Bentley Records team.

Turning Points and Memorable Experiences: The recent success of ‘drEa,’ reaching the top 8 on iTunes Charts, and the Grammy Awards participation is a turning point for neiaD. It validates the commitment to innovation in music, even within experimental genres, emphasizing that artistic integrity can lead to success.

Staying Creative and Evolving: Life experiences and essential drives keep neiaD creatively motivated. Evolving as an artist involves embracing change, staying true to artistic principles, and being open to new influences. The desire to convey something beyond the everyday fuels neiaD’s creative flame.

Long-Term Goals and Aspirations: neiaD’s long-term goals include pushing boundaries, advocating for causes like animal rights, and collaborating with artists from various fields. Achieving artistic recognition while staying true to the originality of the work remains a priority.

Dream Collaborations: neiaD expresses a desire to collaborate with a diverse range of artists, from Hildur Guðnadóttir to Michel Gondry, and even alive figures like Zazie Beetz or Joaquin Phoenix. The prospect of collaborating with deceased artists also sparks excitement.

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Conclusion: neiaD’s artistic journey, marked by innovation, collaboration with Bentley Records, and a commitment to pushing musical boundaries, serves as an inspiration. As the project continues to evolve, neiaD remains dedicated to authenticity and creative exploration, leaving an indelible mark on the musical landscape.