Bankroll Freddie

Arkansas rapper Bankroll Freddie was arrested on Thursday on drug and weapons charges after being pulled over for speeding,
according to police.

Arkansas rapper Bankroll Freddie was then charged with resisting arrest, drug and gun charges, and
speeding. Notorious rapper Bankroll Freddie was arrested in Arkansas on Nov. 9 for drug trafficking and weapons charges.

Well-known rapper Bankroll Freddies legal troubles started back in April this year, when he was arrested on weapons and drug

Due to allegations that Bankroll Freddie had guns in his possession in connection to his drug dealing operations,
Freddie was also charged with several weapons offenses.

Bankroll Freddie

Rapper Bankroll Freddie was also charged in the indictment for purchasing several firearms, including 9mm pistols, from a licensed gun dealership and making false statements while making the purchase, having one or more assault rifles, and having multiple guns with no serial numbers, among other things.
Bankroll Freddie was arrested Wednesday (Nov. 9) in Arkansas on several charges, including narcotics trafficking and weapons
possession, according to TMZ.

Three federal investigations focused on a drug pipeline and gun ownership in Arkansas came to a head on Wednesday morning, with 80 indictments unsealed and 45 arrests made, including that of rapper Bankroll Freddie, whose legal name is Freddie Gladney III.

Freddie Gladney, 27, of Conway, faces charges including concurrent possession of drugs and firearms, resisting arrest and one
count of drug trafficking, in addition to charges for speeding, failing to use a seatbelt and one count of another drug
charge, according to the Arkansas State Police.

The 27-year-old Conway man was also charged with speeding, failing to wear a seat belt and another drug possession charge, according to online records.

While a Crittenden County Sheriffs Office spokeswoman could not confirm whether the rapper in the Quality Control video, Bankroll Freddy, is the rapper known as Bankroll Freddy, a picture and the age (27) on arrest records align with Gladneys information; Gladneys spokeswoman did not respond to a Billboard request for comment as of this press time.

Details on how the rapper was discovered by the police are scant at this point. Quality Controls bankroller, Freddy, was
recently arrested and sent to prison on weapons and drug charges in April, after officers stopped him for speeding and found
an AK-47-style Micro Draco handgun and a Glock clone, a Polymer 80 9.

Bankroll Freddie Instagram

Bankroll Freddie seemed to corroborate the rumor when he reposted a fan screenshot of the One Outlet Us headline on the situation, and then followed that up with a video of himself saying, I am fine, as he showed the chin injury.