Collaborating for Musical Excellence

Edward Mena, the award-winning Venezuelan American vocalist, is embarking on a new musical endeavor by preparing to release his first single recorded in Italian. This upcoming single, a romantic classic dedicated to his European fans, showcases Mena’s distinctive voice and unique style. Teaming up once again with GRAMMY and Latin GRAMMY nominee Hildemaro Álvarez, a respected Venezuelan producer, pianist, and arranger based in Miami, Mena is set to deliver a captivating musical experience. Alongside Álvarez, Mena is working with Nick Burchall, an acclaimed mastering engineer from London known for his work with renowned artists like Ed Sheeran, Tom Jones, and Elton John, as well as on Hollywood movie soundtracks such as Jurassic World.

A Rich Musical Legacy

Throughout his illustrious career, Edward Mena has graced stages in various cities across the United States, including Miami, Orlando, New York, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. His performances have seen him share the limelight with a constellation of Hispanic musical stars such as Paloma San Basilio, Yuri, and Guadalupe Pineda. Noteworthy collaborations with artists like Tania Libertad, Aída Cuevas, Danny Rivera, and Leo Dan have further enriched his musical journey. Additionally, Mena has had the honor of performing alongside esteemed personalities like actress Lupita Ferrer and Academy Award nominee Edward James Olmos.

Recognition and Accolades

Edward Mena’s musical prowess has not gone unnoticed. The City of Miami bestowed upon him a proclamation in recognition of his contributions to the music industry. Similarly, Broward County in Florida presented him with a “Certificate of Appreciation,” acknowledging his artistry and cultural impact. Furthermore, Mena’s appointment as the Cultural Ambassador of the International Association of Hispanic Poets and Writers (AIPEH) underscores his influence in promoting Hispanic culture through music.

Musical Milestones

In 2019, Edward Mena made waves with the release of his debut EP “Emociones: Mi Canto Al Idolo” in the Latin market. Produced by Humberto Gatica, a legendary figure whose portfolio includes collaborations with icons like Céline Dion and Andrea Bocelli, this EP earned Mena prestigious accolades such as the Global Music Award for “Best Male Vocalist.” His international recognition was further solidified by awards in countries like Spain and Venezuela.

Honors at The White House and Beyond

A significant highlight in Edward Mena’s career was his invitation as a guest of honor to The White House on November 30, 2023. This special occasion marked the first-ever “Day of Venezuela” celebration under the Biden Administration. Alongside 79 other distinguished Venezuelan personalities, Mena was recognized for his invaluable contributions to the United States—a historic moment for Venezuelans nationwide. In May of the same year, he captivated audiences with his rendition of the timeless song “Unchained Melody,” receiving widespread acclaim from fans and media worldwide.

Future Endeavors

Looking ahead to 2024, Edward Mena’s upcoming single recorded in Italian promises to be a musical masterpiece that will resonate with audiences far and wide. Stay tuned for more details on this exciting release by following Edward Mena on his social media platforms:

  • Instagram: @edwardmenamusic
  • Facebook: facebook.com/edwardmenamusic
  • Threads: @edwardmenamusic
  • YouTube: youtube.com/edwardmenamusic

Edward Mena’s musical journey continues to captivate audiences globally as he ventures into new artistic territories while staying true to his distinctive voice and unparalleled style