Queen Nicole Jones

Queen Nicole Jones is making waves in Atlanta, emerging as a formidable force in both politics and finance. As the Senior Citizen Liaison for the City of Atlanta, Senior Advisor to Councilman Antonio Lewis, and the CEO of Next World Financial Group, Jones is on a mission to catalyze positive change in the city.

In her role as Senior Citizen Liaison, Jones passionately advocates for the elderly residents of Atlanta, ensuring their voices resonate in the city’s decision-making corridors. Her dedication to community upliftment extends to her collaboration with Atlanta City Councilman Antonio Lewis, where her insights shape impactful policies.

Beyond the political landscape, Jones commands influence in finance as the CEO of Next World Financial Group, boasting a net worth of 1.3 million. Her financial acumen serves as a beacon, guiding individuals and businesses toward prosperity. Jones stands as an exemplar of balanced success, inspiring girls and young women seeking a life of abundance.

“I am committed to driving positive change through empowerment and collaboration,” affirms Queen Nicole Jones. “By seamlessly merging my political and financial roles, I aim to bring education and growth to Atlanta.”

Jones’s dynamic leadership has earned her widespread respect, positioning her as a catalyst for progress in the city. With a focus on expanding her political movement’s impact, she embodies a transformative spirit resonating with citizens, leaders, and stakeholders alike.