Are you someone who is always looking for good music? And can’t find a good artist? You are tired of boring music and musicians. Don’t worry Moe because Skunk in the Rose is here to solve all your problems. He will put out a great music album full of passion and enthusiasm. All his songs bring a lot of followers on his social media every day.

Today, he is known as one of the world’s vocal powerhouses. He rocks the noise with his latest release. He breathed new life into music, technology, fashion and vintage his music.

The biggest thing I want people to take away from listening to his music is to never give up despite the obstacles they face, to always stay true to themselves, and to show others what they can do. Don’t let them decide. He tries to motivate his fans through his music.

“After experiencing so much hurt and pain, music is where I was able to express my emotions without being judged and it brought me a huge level of faith and comfort within myself”. ~said, Moe Kush

About Moe Kush

Moe Kush is from Raleigh, North Carolina. He struggled most of his life and had a talent for expressing himself through music that allowed him to get out of the hood. Moe Kush has faced a lot of racism since his childhood. If he can get robbed, face prison and break up, he can get out of the fight and move on with his life now in a positive direction.

He started making music when he was young and met Moe when he was 17. He is now an independent artist trying to change the world through music. His biggest inspiration is Billy Wiz. Because he is determined to help other people succeed in their music careers.

He is currently working on an album due to be released in late 2022/early 2023 and aims to bring new music to the table in the new year.His greatest wish is to work with an artist called Be NBA YOUNG BOY. is to All his music is heavy and consistent. Amazingly, he describes his music in his three words.

pain, struggle and overcoming

He plans to release a great album dedicated solely to his life’s struggles and hardships. He’s been making a lot of music and is currently concentrating on an album he’s working on about his life and transition. He makes sure my music comes through. Check out his Instagram and his Facebook now and enjoy his music. He has a lot of moe to share with you.His YouTube videos are already flooded with amazing comments. Follow him to get updates on his upcoming songs before anyone else!

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