Erik Underwood (21) from San Diego, CA I started producing when I was 10-11 and I just never stopped then I started making songs and I realized I like doing that too so I was in the military when I dropped my first song and it inspired me to keep pursuing my dreams and not to let them die out my favorite genre of music right now is probably indie/rock my biggest inspiration is Trippie

As a kid from San Diego, the person who inspired me the most was either Trippie or Uzi

A verse that made me think that was prolly chopa get to kickin like Bruce lee Choppa leave holes in ya chest like a moonbeam

If I could work with anyone it would probably be uzi or Trippie 

I would weigh my options for both before committing to just one

Music is my therapy I would for it to support my family but it’s a way for me to express myself

It’s because it gets tough is why I stick to music this is one thing that’s not gonna leave me

I do have some projects but the next one is going to be gravity so stay tuned

You guys can tap into my Instagram/ Twitter/ Snapchat: @hey.heem