Photo of Da$h (right) and RetcH by Brock Fetch

With the release of “Foul Play,” Da$h makes a “Skrewface 2” announcement.

Da$h has 2023 well prepared. The rapper is now working on a new record, but before that, his most recent offering established the mood.

Foul Play

The rapper from New Jersey released his most recent album, “Foul Play,” this week. He glides over the soulful production produced by LOOK DAMIEN in this fascinating release. The vocal prowess lends the song an air of ease, but Da$h’s smooth flow holds the listener’s attention throughout. The rapper from Is He Dead Yet uses his lyrical talents to strut his stuff while guiding audiences through the trap’s reality.


SivvyTah of KAMSY directed a sequence of music videos to go along with the song. The rough footage shows the “Russian Leather” singer performing the song while hanging out of his car and consuming marijuana in the streets. The visual effect intensifies the song’s mood even further.

The newest publication Da$h makes an appearance to launch the promotion for his new work, Skrewface 2. Although he hasn’t decided on a release date yet, he said the project would be released shortly. Approximately eight years after the release of the first Skrewface cassette, Maxo Kream, Chynna, and RetcH will all appear on Skrewface 2.

Da$h has provided listeners with a steady stream of music over the past few years, which is a blessing. He collaborated with Sonnyjim in 2022 on the song BETWEEN THE LINES featuring $ha Hef and Pink Siifu. Before that, he released two albums back-to-back in 2021. Before delivering Land For Mann, he and LOOK DAMIEN! collaborated with Ahnklejohn on HONEY SWEETER THAN BLOOD.

We anticipate hearing Skrewface 2. Keep a look out for more information regarding a release date.