MUSIC LINK : https://open.spotify.com/track/0DeHjYSG4JDZGNFOJppJ5d?si=5b9f8a0818b54c18

It’s one of the greatest pleasures of the trade to constantly discover new artists with great promise for the future. And among our recent discoveries is the extremely exciting J’Moris. With his brand new release, “Jelly (You Thing Pt. 2)”, J’Moris has been cropping up pretty much everywhere on rap and hip-hop playlists.

The mesmerizing aspect of this addictive track is that it’s so hard to pin into just one genre. Clearly, there are many influences at work, some subtler than others, making “Jelly” an eternal discovery.

Another thing that stands out about “Jelly” (and J’Moris’s music in general) is the artist’s smooth delivery. His voice blends perfectly across the beats, falling into a cadence that gets into your bones. It’s a great song, both to kick on at parties, as well as to relax to, thanks to J’Moris’s unique voice and sound.

You can also hear certain influences from artists of renown like Biggie Smalls, Gucci Mane, Master P, and Kevin Gates. But ultimately, J’Moris is his own artist, and his sound is undeniably his own.

A self-styled “product of his environment”, J’Moris has seen a lot of life. Born in Fort Worth, Texas, in the ‘90s, he’s seen the varying aspects of street life and what they mean. Some of that goes into his songs, as do his own personal experiences, both pleasurable and difficult.

From an early age, J’Moris recognized a deep passion for music and a potential future in that direction. While still in university, he founded his very own crew, the Tru Misfitz organization. That ambition and passion make his music stand out, and remain in your head, long after the song has stopped playing.

“Jelly (You Thing Pt. 2)” is a song that will glide into your playlist before you know it. And between you and me, you’ll be glad it did, because this is one artist you do not want to miss out on. J’Moris has got to be one of the coolest people in the business at this moment, so check “Jelly” out, lest you regret it later.