Justen Kilgore
Justen Kilgore

Justen Kilgore, a rising rapper and entrepreneur, has teamed up with JAG, another talented rapper, to release their new single “Where’s Waldo.” This collaboration marks the first time the two artists have worked together and has already garnered attention in the hip-hop community.

Kilgore, who has surpassed millions of streams and recently released a successful album with artist Dripfornia Jak called “Jak & Kill,” is excited about the release of “Where’s Waldo.” The single showcases Kilgore’s unique lyrical ability, which has set him apart from other artists in the industry.

JAG, who has won numerous rap battles against famous rappers, including Cassidy, has also brought his A-game to the table with his clever wordplay and unmatched flow. The duo’s chemistry on the track is undeniable and has fans eagerly awaiting future collaborations.

The track’s title, “Where’s Waldo,” is a play on the children’s book series, but Kilgore and JAG have given it a fresh spin with their hard-hitting lyrics and West Coast sound. The song’s beat is catchy, and the lyrics are clever, showcasing the duo’s talent as wordsmiths.

In an interview, Kilgore shared that one of the biggest challenges he’s faced in his career is trusting the wrong people, which can have a negative impact on one’s career. However, he’s overcome this challenge and has continued to find success in the industry.

Kilgore also shared his wisdom on how to be successful as an entrepreneur before rap. He believes that many artists rely solely on their music to make money, but there are many other ways to be successful without having to rely only on music. His goal is to inspire artists to be successful entrepreneurs, not just successful musicians.

In a few years, Kilgore sees himself as one of the biggest artists out of the West Coast. He hopes to be compared to Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, and Nipsey Hussle, all of whom are legends from the West Coast.

The press’s goal is to bring attention to the new single “Where’s Waldo,” as well as Kilgore and JAG’s social media and website. Kilgore’s Linktree is included in the article to allow fans to easily access his social media accounts and keep up with his future projects.

Overall, “Where’s Waldo” is a must-listen for fans of West Coast rap. Kilgore and JAG’s collaboration brings a fresh sound to the industry, and their talent as lyricists is undeniable. The duo’s chemistry on the track is sure to make it a hit, and fans are eagerly anticipating their future collaborations.

Justen Kilgore & JAG – Where’s Waldo Finally New Sounds From Out West!

Justen Kilgore and JAG have teamed up to bring fans a fresh new sound from the West Coast with their latest single, “Where’s Waldo.” The single is a breath of fresh air in the rap industry, and fans are raving about the duo’s unique sound.

Kilgore, a talented rapper and entrepreneur, has already made a name for himself in the industry, surpassing millions of streams and releasing an album with artist Dripfornia Jak that has been doing extremely well. JAG has also made a name for himself, winning numerous rap battles against famous rappers, including Cassidy.

The collaboration between Kilgore and JAG has been highly anticipated, and “Where’s Waldo” does not disappoint. The song’s beat is catchy and the lyrics are clever, showcasing the duo’s talent as wordsmiths.