New single and latest collaborative track from Florida-based R&B singer/songwriter Lester Sanchez and Atlanta-based rapper Quincy Jamal. Their previous collaborative effort came in the form of the highly enjoyable 2020 album “Wentworth”, which treated listeners to nine tracks of smooth flows, catchy hooks, breezy pop rap production and a number of “Yeah Yeah’s” (clearly his signature vocal) from Lester himself.

“Down for Me” marks their official return as a duo, so to speak, as they haven’t worked together on music since the release of “Wentworth”, thanks to their own creative and professional endeavors. With The Cashiers handling instrumentation duties, this track is also the fifth single Lester dropped in 2022, with another one titled “Celebration” slated for a December release.

In a similar vein to “Wentworth”, “Down for Me” treats us to a soothing, spacey, percussion-based beat with some subtle trap hi-hats in the background. Essentially, the song centers on the casual and heartfelt beckoning of Lester (who appears throughout most of the track’s near four-minute runtime, delivering the hook and first verse) towards a potential love interest. On the hook itself, Lester assures her that he’ll “keep it one hundred”, even going as far as re-iterating his promise on the opening line of the first verse (“You know I keep it ten dimes”). On the song’s second and final verse, Quincy echoes Lester’s sentiments but this time, towards his own potential love interest. His suave vocal presence, in addition to his flow which starts off measured but gets rhythmic on the second half of his verse, make for some of the song’s best moments.

if you’re looking for a laid-back, romantic, R&B/pop/rap joint to vibe out to for the holidays, look no further

than “Down for Me”.

Lester Sanchez

Quincy Jamal

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