The Hip-hop music scene is overly competitive, and it is hard to break into the limelight and even make it Into powerful networks. But this has not stopped GEEGOTROOM from getting to the top and plugging himself right into being goated. Gregory has cemented his place in the US music scene, with his work getting a lot of attention from his rapidly growing fan base.

GEEGOTROOM has made himself known for industry-quality productions, his sound is impeccable. Gee’s reputation has landed him number one producer spot at 1M1 studios in Atlanta, Georgia, where he spends a lot of his time due to the high demand of his productions. Gregory Lee is always working on his craft as he strives to leave his mark in the industry.

There are some very big plans in the works for GEEGOTROOM, as he plans to move to California soon to start a new chapter in his music career. Gregory has also landed networks with the Texas music mogul Trent James, they are set to go on tour together from Texas to California.

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