Pop music is a genre of popular music that emerged in the 1950s and has since become one of the most commercially successful genres of music in the world. Pop music is characterized by its upbeat and catchy melodies, simple chord progressions, and relatable lyrics that often focus on themes of love, relationships, and personal experiences. Pop music is designed to appeal to a wide audience and is often played on mainstream radio stations and in clubs.

Pop music has undergone several transformations since its inception. In the 1950s, pop music was heavily influenced by rock and roll, with artists like Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry dominating the charts. In the 1960s, the British Invasion brought a new sound to pop music, with bands like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones becoming household names. The 1980s saw the rise of pop icons like Madonna and Michael Jackson, who used elaborate music videos and choreographed performances to captivate audiences.

Today, pop music continues to dominate the charts with artists like Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, and Ariana Grande consistently topping the charts. Pop music has also seen an increasing influence from electronic dance music (EDM), with many pop songs incorporating EDM elements into their sound.

While some critics may argue that pop music lacks artistic depth and originality, it cannot be denied that pop music has a widespread appeal and has played a significant role in shaping popular culture. Pop music continues to evolve and adapt to the changing musical landscape, ensuring its continued relevance in the years to come.

Princess, a new musician on the market, produces her songs all on her phone and even sing on it, due the lack of other options.

All necesarry programs to record and produce are also on her phone. She first sang on stage at the age of 11 and is a certified dancer.

Princess was born in germany and she also speaks English, Croatian and Spanish. She got her moniker “Princess” from her uncle. Her Instagram and Tiktok accounts are linked with youtube. On TikTok are to find also some humorous shorts or sing snippets with others. Check out her channels! Now popular: “Do you wanna take a ride” (on my discostick) and all others. Radio gigs and spotify coming soon.

Princess works with various music styles including House, Techno, DnB and New Funk music to hear on youtube channel:

Her talent for Chillout and Pop music she is presenting on her other youtube channel: