ROB MALLY Music Rise

The Superstar and internet sensation Rob Mally is unlike most 20-year-olds in South Africa. Malinga leads a lavish lifestyle, splurging on designer clothes from high-end brands, such as Versace, Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci, luxury cars and expensive jewellery.

He is one of the most successful Instagram stars in the African continent and one of the most affluent too! He is ranked among one of the most famous people who are born in MAY in the world .

The rapper is certainly going places with production from multi platinum powerhouses like ChaseTheMoney and Pyrexwhippa from the United States he’s surrounded by greatness .

Statistically at his age he’s one of the few to be on this level in terms of numbers musically in the whole of the Southern Hemisphere independently .
We Have to acknowledge such greatness.