Meet Goday, an artist whose journey in the arts began with the saxophone and theater, eventually intertwining with a deep passion for hip-hop. In this exclusive interview, Goday shares insights into his musical evolution, influences, challenges faced by artists today, and the transformative impact of collaborating with BentleyRecords.io Embarking on a Creative Odyssey: Goday’s Introduction to the Arts

Goday’s journey in the arts started at a young age, initially involving the saxophone and theater. However, it was the magnetic pull of hip-hop, sparked by a fascination for Eminem, that led him to immerse himself in the world of rap. Departing from his parents’ home at 18, Goday ventured into a big city, where pivotal encounters inspired his first EP, aptly named after the people who shaped his musical trajectory.

Pivotal Moments: Nostalgia Video and the Three-Year EP Journey

Critical milestones in Goday’s musical career include the success of his first video, “Nostalgia,” and the culmination of over three years of dedicated work on his first EP. These moments marked significant strides in his artistic identity and contributed to the foundation of his evolving sound.

Songwriting Alchemy: Drawing Inspiration from Life’s Journey

Goday’s songwriting process is marked by instinct and continuous flow, drawing inspiration from his life experiences and the universal challenges that everyone faces. His writing captures authentic narratives that resonate with listeners.

Musical Influences Shaping Goday’s Unique Sound

Eminem, Mac Miller, Pop Smoke, Notorious B.I.G., and influential French artists have profoundly shaped Goday’s musical influences. These icons have contributed to the development of his distinct style and lyrical approach.

Challenges in the Music Industry: Pressures, Overnight Fame, and Resource Constraints

In Goday’s perspective, the music industry’s challenges include the pressures exerted by certain record companies, the allure of overnight fame, and the persistent struggle with limited resources.

Bentley Records: A Catalyst for Professional Growth

Collaborating with Bentley Records has provided Goday with numerous professional benefits. Notably, achieving placement among hip-hop heavyweights in the iTunes Charts and securing his first iTunes trophy stand out as significant milestones. The platform’s support has expanded his reach through placements on major streaming platforms and Vevo-signed videos.

Memorable Studio Session: An Impactful Entry into the Music Scene

Goday vividly recalls his first studio session in Bordeaux, an experience that marked his entry into the music scene. Eager to learn and immerse himself in this new environment, the session fueled his passion and set the tone for his musical journey.

Creativity Amid Change: Authenticity in a Shifting Landscape

To stay creatively motivated, Goday emphasizes the importance of being true to oneself and resisting external influences that may compromise authenticity. In a constantly changing industry, remaining genuine is key to artistic evolution.

Long-Term Goals and Aspirations: Healing Through Art

Goday’s long-term goals revolve around the continuous healing and self-expression found in his passion for music. He aspires to earn a living from his art, sustaining a lifelong commitment to his craft.

Dream Collaboration: Damso, the Inspiring French Artist

If Goday were to collaborate with any artist, living or deceased, his choice would be Damso, a French artist whose style closely aligns with Goday’s own. The prospect of collaborating with Damso represents a convergence of shared inspiration and musical synergy.

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As Goday navigates the musical odyssey, his commitment to authenticity, resilience, and healing through art stands as an inspiration for both established and aspiring artists. Join him on this captivating journey, where every note becomes a testament to personal growth and the transformative power of music.