Rob Mally Muzic Times

Rob Mally’s emergence into fame was so instantaneous that it was hard to keep up with. His rise and power can be accredited to his elite family background and his immaculate talent within the music and trends he creates .

About his quick elevation into worldwide fame and power , Rob Mally said, “I don’t think anybody is ever fully prepared for fame. There’s no book on how to do it. I feel like I grew up in this type of environment since a child so on my end it’s really been a normal thing to me since birth honestly , A lot of people be trying to compare me to people that are way older than me or people that have been in this sh*t way longer than me , which is a compliment because I haven’t been around for so long and I’ve done more and achieved more than majority of people in the industry especially in South Africa and all I’ve achieved I’ve made it happen independently , so I certainly need flowers! “