Swish Music Publicity

Swish Music Publicity is among the fastest-growing music publicity and marketing companies on the music scene today. Having already promoted over 15 music videos that have gone viral and each achieved a record-breaking million views within 48 hours organically, Swish Music Publicity is making a name for itself in the PR business.

As an already seasoned and well-respected A&R, PR, and viral marketing company, Swish Music Publicity claims to have found the secret to going viral. According to Swich director Jason Cornell, there’s a formula behind it.

“The key is to understand what makes people share your video but also understand how to promote the video and drive targeted attention to your video to make it build quickly on its own and consistently.”

In its history, the company has already demonstrated time and again its knack for making videos go viral. A sad truth of the industry is that not all songs will make it onto MTV, BET, FUSE, and so on. Nor will they rock streaming platforms like Spotify or Apple Music, despite being high quality. The people over at Swish Music Publicity, however, have figured out how to bypass that.

In the last two years, the marketing campaigns that Swish has led for its clients have generated over 5 billion YouTube views.

Swish Music Publicity has represented big-name artists like Usher, Chris Brown, Tinashe, 50 Cent, Ty Dolla $, Jennifer Lopez, Jason Derulo, and Mac Miller, alongside numerous others. They’re currently running offices in Log Angeles, London, and Toronto, covering all the major music markets and keeping an ear close to the ground to promote their clients.

According to Swich Music Publicity, the music itself represents a meager 10% when building a brand, and that’s the problem with many new artists. The key, they say, is creating organic follower engagement, and building yourself up. Strategy accounts for the rest 90% which makes the difference between no-name musicians and worldwide stars.

Thanks to their impressive roster and their success track record, Swish Music Publicity is now the go-to company for labels like Sony, when signing a new artist. Big record labels know that Swish Music Publicity is their best choice when it comes to building that artist’s online image, and organically growing their fan base. More than just promoters, Swish Music Publicity encourages fan interactions and follower retention organically.

Website: https://swishpublicity.com/