Question for Big Yowder Yetti: When Did You Start Making Music?

In the year 2015, I embarked on my musical journey, igniting my passion for creating melodies and sharing my art with the world.

How Did Your Early Life Shape Your Interest in Music?

The early years of my life played a significant role in shaping my deep-rooted interest in music. I was fortunate to have my aunt Karen, who exposed me to a diverse range of musical genres, including soulful R&B and captivating jazz. These captivating sounds captivated my senses and sparked a fire within me.

Additionally, during my formative years, I had the opportunity to learn and play the tenor saxophone from the fourth grade until the eighth grade. This experience allowed me to develop an understanding of musical composition and appreciate the beauty of harmonies and melodies. As I transitioned into high school, I discovered the world of hip-hop, and it was during this time that I had my first encounter with the incredible musical stylings of Wu-Tang Clan. This encounter became a pivotal moment in my life, fueling my passion for creating rap music.

Who Is Your Biggest Musical Influence?

When it comes to my biggest musical influence, it is difficult to pinpoint just one. Music itself is my muse and inspires me in countless ways. I find beauty and inspiration in various genres, from soulful ballads to energetic hip-hop beats. It is the universal language of music that captivates me, and I draw influence from the diverse array of artists and sounds that permeate our world.

What Has Been the Defining Moment in Your Music Career?

At this point in my music career, I believe my defining moment is yet to come. I am constantly evolving as an artist, honing my skills and exploring new avenues of creativity. Each step I take brings me closer to that defining moment, where my music will make an indelible mark on the world.

What Makes You a Unique Artist?

What sets me apart as an artist is my ability to infuse my genuine self into every aspect of my music. I bring a unique perspective and authenticity to my craft, allowing listeners to connect with my words and melodies on a deep and personal level. My music reflects my journey, my emotions, and my experiences, making it a true representation of who I am as an artist and as an individual.

What Does Art Mean to You?

Art, to me, is the embodiment of self-expression and individuality. It is a powerful medium through which I can convey my thoughts, emotions, and perspectives to the world. Art provides a canvas on which I can paint the vivid strokes of my imagination and share it with others. It is a way to communicate and connect with people on a profound level, transcending barriers and leaving a lasting impact.

Describe Music in Three Words.

Music, to me, can be summed up in three words: Me, Myself, and I. It is an extension of who I am, a means to express my innermost thoughts and feelings. Through music, I delve into my own identity, explore my individuality, and present it to the world in a harmonious blend of sounds.

How Did You Create Your Stage Name?

Crafting my stage name was a personal and deliberate process. Drawing inspiration from one of my favorite actors, Chris Penn, I recognized the significance of the pen as a tool for writing and expressing oneself. Combining these elements, I settled on the stage name “Chris Pen” as a representation of my passion for both acting and music.

What City Do You Represent?

I proudly represent the cities of Santa Ana and Tustin. These vibrant and culturally rich cities have had a profound impact on my life and have shaped my musical style. The unique atmosphere and diverse communities in Santa Ana and Tustin have influenced my music, infusing it with a distinct flavor that reflects the spirit of these cities.

Where Do You See Your Music Career Going Over the Next Few Years?

As I look ahead to the next few years, the future of my music career is an exciting and unpredictable journey. I believe that the trajectory of my career will be shaped by the listeners and fans who connect with my music. Wherever they take it, I am ready to follow, eager to continue sharing my art, and eager to see where this musical odyssey leads me.